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We have not really posted too much here on the Blog page. Most of our updates have been on the Media page or the Video page. Please visit those pages for more complete visual updates into our travels and investigations.

We took a Sunday drive to a place we learned about from a friend. Having lived in Las Vegas for nearly 20 years, this was a surprise to us. It is known as Cathedral Canyon and is a short 45 minute drive from Vegas. It located about 20 miles southeast of Pahrump, NV, out in the desert...in the middle of nowhere.

Cathedral Canyon is a small natural canyon which had been transformed into a rambling grotto of icons, statues, and text panels. Religious in overall tone, the site had many secular elements as well, and, though untended, is open to the public. It was best viewed at night, when the multicolored lighting system illuminated the individual displays, which were laid out along the main pathway, and tucked into the walls and bushes in the canyon. Cathedral Canyon was built mostly by Roland Wiley, a lawyer from Las Vegas, who bought the 15,800 acre Hidden Hills Ranch, on which the canyon lies, in 1941. Over the next thirty years, and continuing up until he died in 1993, Roland worked on the canyon, mainly on weekend trips to the site from Las Vegas. Vandalism has taken its toll on the remote site, though. It is now mostly in ruins. A few of the statues and icons remain, but in sad condition.

We thought we would try an expedition to the area and take some base readings to see if there were any energies or readings that would warrant a return visit for a full investigation. It was a nice, mild Sunday afternoon and relatively close to home. So off we went.

Our maps and GPS served us well. We arrived at the site in about 45 minutes, perfectly guided by "Betty", as I like to call her. She is the voice on our GPS. The roads were paved fairly well right up until you get to the Canyon. Then the roads become a little more challenging due to weather worn ravines and water run offs that proved to be rather bouncy, but not impassable. I would not recommend it for cars, once past the actual Cathedral Canyon. A truck or off-road vehicle is recommended. My SUV did OK, as long as I kept the speed to a minimum.

We drove down to the canyon entrance, parked and proceeded on foot. The terrain is beautiful, yet foreboding. We were well past the rainy season, so at least there were no rivulets or mud to be concerned with.

Once past the entrance gates, which are only half there these days, you begin to feel a certain calm. An unexplainable calm. Yet at the same time a feeling of forlorn exists. You immediately see the vandalism and litter that past visitors have so ungraciously scattered about. The winding path up the canyon is easily traversed on foot. Little dug out grottoes still exist  where there once stood religious icons, stained glass and painted panels of yesteryear.

Roland Wiley had even thoughtfully built restrooms there. They now resemble a cross between modern rooms in disrepair and caves dug into the cliff walls left over from an era long gone. All the working facilities have vanished from these rooms, but the whitewashed entrances catch your eye very shortly after passing through the entrance gates. The water,
which once flowed readily through the supply pipes, is now as dry as the surrounding desert. The bathroom porcelain fixtures have long been removed, some used for target practice. Quite ironic, really, a religious tribute site that has become what appears to be a favorite place for gun play, as hundreds, if not thousands of empty bullet and shotgun casings lie randomly and ubiquitously throughout the canyon floor. You can also see the too-numerous-to-count bullet holes everywhere along the canyon walls.

One of the biggest disappointments would have to be the Christ statue that sat high upon a rock, and was originally erected in a grand fashion. Here is what it looked like in its days of grandeur:

You can see the right hand raised towards heaven and the left hand clutching a cross. This statue was carved by a Mexican artist from Anjijica, a small town south of Guadalajara, Mexico, and was made to resemble the Christ of the Andes statue, which draws thousands of pilgrims to see it in the mountains that form the border between Argentina and Chile in South America.
Below is, unfortunately, what the statue looks like today. Vandalism has definitely taken its toll.
I found this short video from someone who visited Cathedral Canyon in 1996, before it fell to the hands of vandals.
Please visit our Media page for a complete set of pictures on what it looks like today, in 2015. You will be amazed...and saddened.
We did not find or record any evidence of paranormal activity on this day. The feeling of the whole canyon was one of reverence, yet despair.

We continued our journey, via GPS, to find Hidden Hills Ranch, the original homestead for Roland Wiley, which we knew to be nearby, but elusive in revealing its location. With the help of "Betty", we came upon the ruins of the ranch. This area, too, had become a favorite for target shooting and various other activities that have left the buildings in complete ruins. All of the buildings, except one, were either torn down by the harsh desert climate or ravaged by fire which came from unknown sources. Shell casings from ammo lined the ground everywhere. What was left standing was one small building, in bad repair, and lined with bullet holes. Pictures of how this looked today are on our Media page.

Again, we took some base readings and looked for any evidence of paranormal activity. It was not to be seen on this day. We had an Ovilus with us, but the words coming out seemed to be random. No readings were recorded on the EMF meter either. Maybe we will see something when we examine the pictures. Let us know if you see anything. You can comment on our Blog page or send us a private note on our Contact Us page.

Overall, it was an interesting day. Areas such as this are a joy to discover and bring to all of our friends. It makes history come alive. The trip is an easy day-trip from Vegas, worth it if you'd like a serene afternoon jaunt out in the desert.
<![CDATA[Belmont Courthouse Revisited]]>Fri, 27 Dec 2013 07:23:33 GMThttp://desertvalleyparanormal.com/blog/belmont-courthouse-revisitedPictureBelmont Courthouse Today

Following a brief visit to this wondrous Courthouse back on September 21st of this year, we were finally able to get the gang all together and revisit Belmont on November 10th. It's quite a drive from Vegas, about 5 hours, including brief breaks in Beatty and Tonopah. Our stop in Tonopah is for gas and anything else that we may need as Belmont has no services of any kind...not even electricity! That's right. Those that reside here (a total of about 11 full-time residents) who rely completely on solar energy. Tonopah is about a 45-minute drive from Belmont and pretty much the closest city with any full-time services. If you should visit Belmont...which we highly recommend...make sure to have plenty of gas, water and food with you. And don't plan on any cell service, cable TV, wi-fi or most any other modern-day convenience. Just a note, there are modern restroom facilities available. But if you want to get far...far away, (as the Belmont Inn & Saloon taunt), then Belmont is for you.

Belmont was established following a silver strike in the early 1860's. Other minerals, such as copper lead and antimony, were also mined in addition to the silver. The boom brought settlers in and the town of Belmont grew. In 1867, Belmont became the county seat of Nye County. The town boasted four stores, two saloons, five restaurants, livery stable, post office, assay office, bank, school, telegraph office, two newspapers, and a blacksmith shop. As the price of metals fluctuated, so did the fortunes of the town. By 1887, several of the mines closed. In 1905, the county seat of Nye County was relocated from Belmont to Tonopah. The mine dumps were reworked in the early part of the 20th century.

During the 1870s it was known as a major mining boomtown producing silver, and was rumored to have a population of 15,000. Like many towns which are now ghost towns, this one lasted for only a short time.

PictureBelmont Courthouse circa 1944 by Jack Bennet
Here is an except from the Friends of the Belmont Courthouse website to give you some additional history:

This organization (Friends of the Belmont Courthouse) was formed by a group of volunteer citizens concerned with the condition of the historic Belmont Courthouse. The courthouse was built during the years 1875-1876 and served as the county and judicial offices of Nye County from 1876 until 1905 when the Nye County seat was moved to Tonopah, Nevada. Having stood for over 135 years, the courthouse has been ravaged by time, weather, neglect, and vandalism.

Windows were broken and removed leaving the interior exposed to the harsh elements. The jail cells were torn out and used in Gabbs, Nevada, only to be returned in 1991 and placed outside the brick jail structure. Over time a deteriorating roof caused water leakage and structural damage. Most of the interior contents or architectural elements have disappeared including furniture, heating stoves, hardware, ornate wood trim, flooring, and the like.

On June 13, 1972 the town of Belmont was placed on the National Register of Historical Places. The courthouse was recognized as a part of this historic district. The two story red brick building was transferred to the Nevada Division of State Parks, State of Nevada on August 20, 1974. A preservation effort was undertaken in 1975 to restore and stabilize the courthouse. At that time a metal roof was replaced, stairs were braced, exterior wood was painted, faulty and weak structural systems were corrected and the cupola was restored. Plastic sheeting was installed on all windows as protection from inclement weather. A seismic retrofit was completed in 2007. Late in 2011 the roof was temporarily sealed in preparation for winter.
We here at DVP, first became aware of Belmont and the Belmont Courthouse when researching old mining towns and ghost towns of Central Nevada about a year ago. After quite a bit of legwork and phone calls, we were finally able to determine to whom we should speak with about gaining entrance into the Courthouse for an investigation. That's how we met the wonderful team of Rick and Donna. Following a bit of time in order to work with them on organizing a visit,  and then the Nye County District Attorney's Office for some legal issues,, we were able to get everything set up for our investigation. Rick and Donna have been a terrific help and guidance to us. We would like to publicly thank them, and we look forward to visiting with them again in the very near future.

During our first visit in September, Michele and I (Mike) did a thorough walk-through and a smaller investigation, as we were only two. We happen to be there the night of the fall equinox, which we believe to have helped with energy for spirits to communicate with us. Keep in mind, there is zero electricity running in this area, so the spirits really have nothing to help them draw energy from. As a note, the Courthouse, standing since the mid-19th Century, has never had any electrical wiring of any kind. This is to the best of our knowledge from research and talks with Rick.

While we did have some activity that first evening, there was some additional activity the next day. Michele had gone from our cabin back up to the Courthouse to wrap up some of the gear still out from the previous evening's investigation. As she was wrapping some cables, she heard distinct boot steps, like those of cowboy boots, from overhead. She was the only person there, or so she thought. She called out, "Hello", yet there was no response. She thought maybe one of our local folk had come in while she was in an adjacent room, and gone upstairs.

Michele headed upstairs. She found no one. 

When I arrived at the Courthouse a bit later, we finished wrapping up the gear and packing the truck. I wandered back inside to take some additional photographs. I had an odd curiosity about an old newspaper sitting on the trunk, next to an old typewriter, in the Sheriff's Office. I picked up the paper to look at the date and the names of the women in the photograph to see if anything coincided with names we had gotten the previous night on the Ovilus.

Well, the names didn't match (we were looking for a Marie or Maria), but the newspaper was from September 22, 1955. Wow. And today was September 22nd, 2013. Coincidence? Hmmm...

So, we packed our things and said our goodbyes, knowing we needed to return very soon. And soon it would be...November 10th...Veteran's Day.
Fast Forward to November 10th...

We loaded up the truck...packed it full with everything we could think of...for our return to Belmont on this crisp November morning in Las Vegas. All the arrangements were made and we headed out for the 5-hour trek to Belmont. This time Pete and another friend joined Michele and Mike for the trip. We brought every piece of gear we could lay our hands on, as well as some new pieces that we had gotten to augment our investigation. 

Michele had felt on the previous visit that there was little to no energy available in Belmont, especially the Courthouse, that the spirits could use. We brought along not only a generator for our own electricity but hopes that this would give the spirits some energy as well. Another piece of new gear we added was an EMF pump. This unit generates low-frequency EMF...ideal for spirits to draw energy from.

To be continued...
The Friends of the Belmont Courthouse is a corporation organized under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is authorized to solicit funds which can only be used to preserve, restore, and protect the Belmont Courthouse with the cooperation and guidance of the State Park System.

We are looking for old photos and papers related as to how the courthouse looked in its early years. Anyone who might have interior pictures or descriptions of the courthouse that might show how it was furnished would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone interested in making a monetary donation or contributing to the preservation of this fine example of Italiante style architecture may do so by contacting Friends of the Belmont Courthouse.

We here at DVP are also dedicated to preserving and restoring all these magnificent old buildings and towns that are dotted across the landscape of Central Nevada. We have taken on a great fondness for the people and town of Belmont. They continue their journey to completely restore this courthouse. Please visit their website at http://belmontcourthouse.org/ and see if you can help.

<![CDATA[Rhyolite, NV June 16-17, 2013]]>Fri, 30 Aug 2013 11:02:28 GMThttp://desertvalleyparanormal.com/blog/rhyolite-nv-june-16-17-2013Part one...

Rhyolite, NV is a true Ghost Town, and one of our favorite stops for investigations. It always manages to amaze us each and every time we have been there, separately or together as a group. Have a look at all our pics from our recent trip to Rhyolite on our Media page.

Rhyolite lies above the northeartern edge of Death Valley, nestled below the Bullfrog Hills in Southwestern Neavada. The first white man to venture into this area was R. J. Boyer way back in 1847. Not much else is known about Mr. Boyer as the area remained very desolate until about 1904.

That's when two propectors, Shorty Harris and Ed Cross, decided to make their way through the area, as prospecting in Death Valley had turned up very little. Their luck soon changed when they found gold in the hills where Rhyolite would soon be born. The gold was clumped in with some green rock, resembling a bullfrog's back. They decided to name the surrounding mountains, the Bullfrog Hills. Shorty and Ed had found their gold and staked their claim by late 1904. The town of Bullfrog soon followed...along with other prospectors looking to stake their claims. Among them were Frank Busch and P. R. Stanley. These two men were not happy with the town of Bullfrog, so they went up the valley about a mile, and founded their own town. They decided to call it Rhyolite.

In January 1905, Rhyolite was officially platted and the first property was sold for $50. However, the town was not selling plots of land as quickly as Frank Busch and P.R. Stanfley had hoped. So they came up with an idea to lure people into their new town.

People that lived and worked in the nearby town of Bullfrog were offered a free plot of land to move their business to Rhyolite. It was only a mile up the road from Bullfrog. Well, their plan worked. People starting moving into Rhyolite and bringing their businesses with them. They arrived in droves. The town was soon busting at the seams. Enthusiastic townsfolk and eager prospectors came from far and wide to stake their claims in hopes of finding their golden treasure. It wasn't long before gold mine stakes were stretching in all directions for nine miles!

It was the Montgomery-Shoshone Mine that started all the gold rush of dreamers into Rhyolite. In 1906, Soon thereafter, Charles Schwab came along and bought the mine. He invested fortunes into the mine and the City of Rhyolite. He added infrastructure to the city on a grand scale. Soon the town had plumbing, running water, electric lines and railroads. They now had a steady supply line which helped the city grow quickly. The city quickly grew to more than 10,000 people residing in and around the area.

By 1907 Rhyolite had electric lights, water mains, telephones, newspapers, a hospital, a school house, an opera house and a stock exchange. Times were booming. Rhyolite actually became Nevada's third largest city by 1908. One strange thing that happened was that the official census never listed more than 3500 residents. The population was well over double that, but many were transient, only seeking their quick gold find, and then moving on. They never became official citizens of Rhyolite.

In late 1908, a private study of valuation was done on the Montgomery-Shoshone Mine by its investors. Turns out the mine was overvalued. The stocks for the mine plummeted. People sold off their investments in droves after the overvaluation was published. By the end of 1910, the mine was operating at a loss. Soon thereafter, in 1911, it closed up completely. Following the closure, the town's population began to dwindle...actually crash. In less that a year following the closing of the Montogomery-Shoshone mine, Rhyolite's population numbered less than 1000 residents. The gold rush was over for the Bullfrog Hills.

Within nine short years of the mine closure, the once- thriving city of Rhyolite, had nearly zero residents. All that remained were the shells of once-prosperous buildings and shuttered homes where workers and their families had once lived. Almost all of the salvageable building materials had been loaded on wagons, trucks and trains, and hauled out of town for use at the next gold rush town the people would land in to seek their fortunes.

We started our visit to Rhyolite at what was one of the hubs of this bustling town, the old Railroad Depot. This building sits proudly above the city and is the best preserved of all the buildings that remain. The Depot has led many lives.  She has been a Casino, a Coffee Shop, a Restaurant,  a Church, and a tourists's Rest Stop, to name a few. Up until the 1970's, she had one form or another of livelihood until she was permanently shuttered when the Bureau of Land Management bought the ruins of the city and surrounding area. The land is still owned by the BLM and is managed as a National Historc :Landmark and Park. It is open to the public year-round.

There seemed to be a feeling of people rushing around constantly near the train depot. I know this would seem only natural, but you could really sense the feeling of people rushing around. We kept getting words on the Ovilus referring to trains, being late, rushing and waiting. I recall a very srong feeling of someone looking directly at me from one of the doorways. I took several pictures, but did not seem to catch any orbs.

However, some of the pictures from the area just across the street from the Depot were teaming with apparent energy orbs. Have a look at these pictures. Some are most likely dust and dirt, but some, especially those with layers or rings around them, are most likely energy orbs. This could be why we felt that there were so many people rushing around and going about their daily business.
...to be continued...
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Heading north on US 95 out of Las Vegas, you soon hit a dry, desolate and dusty two-lane highway that threads its way through the Amargosa Valley between Death Valley and Area 51, two of America's most remote and mysterious places. "On a long, lonesome highway...east of Omaha", thank you Bob Seger. You'll pass many a vacant and run-down shacks as well as a few empty villages that are mere shells of their former selves.

In about a hour and a half you'll pass through the timeless small town of Beatty, NV. The folks here are friendly and welcoming to strangers. They are, after all, the Gateway to Death Valley. If time allows, make sure to head west at the intersection, towards Death Valley. Stop at the Beatty Museum to visit Amina and her volunteer helpers. They are a wealth of local history and folklore and know just about every story there is to tell about Rhyolite, the magnificent ghost town just a few miles west of the museum. It is definitely worth a visit for anyone interested in ghost investigating or mining town history. Don't miss a stop at the Death Valley Nut & Candy Store, next to the only casino in town. Make sure to check out their hundreds of candies, nuts and sweets with many sugar-free choices as well. Pay a visit to the little gift shop next door for some unique T-shirts and novelties. Don't forget to have a peek at the shopkeeper's monkey! Really!

Another good hour up the road you'll be in one of our favorite places, Goldfield. This place was once a boomtown of over 10,000 and nearly became the Capital of Nevada. But Carson City ended up taking that honor. Plenty here too, for all ghost hunters and investigators. Don't miss out on the Goldfield High School. A terrific old school that is currently under restoration. An on-going project that is funded by donations and revenue collected from activities that include booking your own ghost hunting. Dominic is a great guy for Goldfield and will fill you in on their local folklore and history.

Another 45 minutes on the highway and you'll arrive in Tonopah. This is the approximate halfway point between Las Vegas and Reno. It too, was once a boom town from all the wealth in gold, silver and copper brought from the mines in the surrounding mountains. While Tonopah is still a thriving smaller city, it shows signs of depreciation since her heyday.

Tonopah is home to the Central Nevada Museum. A fantastic place to visit and learn all about the mining history of Central Nevada and the surrounding areas. It's archives are extensive and the staff quite friendly and helpful.

In the center of the city lies the Mizpah Hotel, which opened in 1907. It had succumbed to age and economic woes, and finally shuttered her doors back in 1999.  She was recently and magnificently restored to reopen in 2011, with much acclaim, by Fred and Nancy Cline of Sanoma, CA..

We arrived in Tonopah in the late afternoon following the 4-hour drive from Vegas. The city seemed to rise from the barren desert as we crested a nearby mountain rise from the south. At first glance, it seemed out of place, but once you're past the city limits, you soon feel as though you've entered most Anytown, USA. It has a quaint, small-town feeling, all the while surrounded by the vacant atmosphere of desertion. You can almost feel the greatness that once was.

We easily found the historic Mizpah Hotel situated right in the middle of the city, directly on US 95. The classic turn-of-the-century architecture of stone and brick gave the hotel a stately appearance all the while maintaining the grandeur of yesteryear. All the stories that we had heard and read came flooding back to mind.
The Mizpah Hotel, named for the nearby Mizpah Mine, grandly opened her doors for business in 1907. She was built to service the plethora of mine workers, owners, weary travelers and businessmen of the era. The Mizpah, along with the Goldfield Hotel, located in Goldfield 46 miles to the south, were the social hubs of Central Nevada. Tonopah actually became known affectionately as "The Queen of the Silver Camps". It was a boom town...in a big way. Inevitably, with all this wealth coming from the surrounding mines, came others to ply their trades in order to get their own piece of the pie. Ladies of the evening were very popular, especially with the hard working miners who needed to relax after working all day underground. The Mizpah allowed these women to cater to their clients in the hotel. This allowed the ladies to live a somewhat comfortable life at the Mizpah, with her electric lights, heated rooms and the first electric elevator in all of the area. The Mizpah was, after all, the place to be in her day. At 5-stories high, she was the tallest building in the whole state until 1929. She not only had posh rooms, but catered to the masses with restaurants, a bar and a casino. It's rumored that Wyatt Earp actually bartended here.  Jack Dempsey reportedly was a bouncer, and Howard Hughes reportedly was married in the Mizpah Hotel. There is much debate about all that, but it's fun, nonetheless.

The City of Tonopah has survived the ebbs and flows of the past century, while many others have succumbed, Today she is but a small town compared to her greatness of a century ago. Hopefully due to the Mizpah Hotel reopening her doors in 2011, she can help the town back to livelihood.  She already is, once again, the grand dame of the city.

We unloaded our gear and entered the main lobby of the hotel. Once you pass through the double doors at the front, you'll feel as though you've been transported back in time. The leaded glass, the Tiffany lamps, the ornate woodwork, the period furniture...everything has been meticulously restored to reminisce the grand days of old.

We had reserved The Lady's Suite, #502. This is the suite of the famed Lady in Red, a young, naive prostitute who plied her trade here in the Mizpah in the early part of the 20th century. Her story and name have been somewhat blurred by time, but she remains one of the Mizpah's permanent guests on the 5th floor. Some parts of her story remain consistent to this day.

Legend has it that the Lady in Red is the ghost of a young prostitute who was brutally beaten and stabbed to death by a jealous ex-lover in the lobby of the 5th floor, just outside her room, #502. Her ghost is often seen by hotel staff and visitors alike. She is frequently seen in the 5th floor hallway and on the elevator, especially if there are only men present. Is she still trying to woo them by whispering in their ears or brushing against them, as stories have been told? Who knows. We are hoping to meet her this night.

There are other entities that have been seen and/or heard over the years in the hotel as well. One of these is a Senator Pittman. It seems he was up for re-election. The night before the election he died in the hotel of a heart attack. His death was hidden from the public so that his party wouldn't lose the seat, Senator Pittman's body was kept on ice, in a bathtub on the 4th floor, until after the election. Once he won re-election, an announcement was made, in true political buffoonery, that he would not be holding office due to his most recent quieted state of being. This cover-up was done so that his party could stay in office and not lose it to the opposing political party. Corruption abounded then as well!

Others have reported seeing an old miner hanging around the piano in the main lobby. Occasionally the Lady in Red has been seen talking to him. Two different miners have been seen in the basement. They are probably the ghosts of the two miners who died trying to steal the payroll from the hotel vault in the basement by digging up into the vault from mines underneath the city. They were successful...to a point. They made off with the money, but their bodies were found in a tunnel nearby. The money was no where to be found.

Guests have repeatedly complained of noise from children playing in the 3rd floor hallway late at night. But there are rarely children even in the hotel.

There is an old Keno light board in the basement. It has not had power to it for decades. Numbers will mysteriously light up on their own. Is someone still enjoying the game?

Below is Suite 502, The Lady's Suite and the lobby area just outside the room. This was home base for our investigation.
It's a very pleasantly appointed room with plush bedding and all the modern amenities. We set up base camp in here. First, we positioned 4 infrared cameras around the room so that we could record anything that might happen while we were not only in the room, but also when we were out investigating other parts of the hotel. We also set up a digital voice recorder in hopes of catching any EVP's that might happen. EVP's, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon, are electronically generated noises that resemble speech, but are supposedly not the result of intentional voice recordings or renderings. These voices are believed to be communications from the spirits that have passed on, and are generally inaudible to the naked ear. We also set up a Ghost Box for scanning radio frequencies. A ghost box is a hand-held AM/FM radio that is modified to allow continuous scanning of every radio station at a rapid speed. The ghost box allows for tidbits of sound-waves from each station to just barely be heard as it scans through the radio stations. During this scanning, it's believed that ghosts, or spirits, are able to manipulate the radio frequencies and have their voices heard in real-time. 
We next proceeded to the 3rd floor hallway, where we hoped to catch some of the reported children playing in the hallways at night. We found all the hallways of each floor to be relatively similar. Each had an elevator lobby area and a main hallway with smaller side hallways to some of the rooms. Most rooms had plaques outside that told the story of each room. It is quite a bit like walking through a museum.

Following our investigation of the 3rd floor, we proceeded to the 4th floor hallways in search of Senator Pittman and his room where he was kept on ice until he won his re-election...albeit posthumously and unbeknownst to the public.

Our final investigation of the evening was in the Lady's Suite, #502. We spent a bit more time here in hopes of meeting this famous lady. The footage and audio recordings are being reviewed and put together for your enjoyment. As soon as they are ready, they will be posted on our Media Page.

Overall, it was an exciting and interesting evening. We did not have as much activity as we had hoped for, however we did get some great EVP's and fantastic orb shots. You can see the orb shots in our picture gallery on our Media Page. Hopefully more will develop as the video and audio files are analyzed and we will share that with you.

The Mizpah Hotel is a wonderful stop, whether you are on your own investigation, or simply passing through the area. The staff are all terrific, the management very cordial and the stories abound. Many of the staff will share their own stories if asked. We are hoping to return very soon and do further investigations and interviews with the staff. The basement seems to be a hot spot to investigate, and we hope to be able to get down there with prior arrangements. And, of course, we will try once again to visit with the Lady in Red.

So when you visit the Mizpah Hotel, pause for a while...or stay for a night. You'll be amazed by the stories from the locals and enjoy the company of the staff and other guests. Some of them have been around for a while...some for a very long while.

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<![CDATA[Kids in the Attic]]>Sun, 06 Jan 2013 05:52:37 GMThttp://desertvalleyparanormal.com/blog/kids-in-the-atticWelcome to 2013. Our group kicked off the year with an investigation at a private home. A friend had contacted us to say that he had had a few strange experiences with his attic light. The access to the attic was in one of the upstairs bedrooms. He had noticed, on several occasions, that the attic light was turned on. He would get a ladder and turn it off. A few days later he would notice the light was on again. As no one was using the bedroom...in fact it was vacant of all furniture and strictly a spare room at this time...he could not figure out how the light kept going on.

Our friend thought he would unscrew the light bulb from the socket to prevent it from coming on again. A few days later, sure enough, it was on once again. He mentioned to us that he thought this strange. He has owned the house for several years, but never really gone up to the attic area before this light started mysteriously turning itself on. Upon his first look into the attic, he found some old carpet pieces and blankets. It looked as if this could have been a child's play area and the remnants of an old play fort.

We agreed to come and investigate for our friend. We did some preliminary investigation on the residence and could find nothing from the newspaper archives or news archives that would indicate there had been any noteworthy happenings at this address. Other than several owners having occupied the residence since it was built in 1988, there was nothing unusual.

We got to the house around 7pm this evening and did an initial walk-thru. Michele, felt a "bump" when entering the master bedroom and thought we should definitely investigate here. We continued on to the 'kids room', as we would come to call it. As soon as the access hatch was removed to the attic, there was an immediate rush of energy felt by Mike, one of our crew that was setting up the gear. Pete,  another member, was up the ladder, removing the hatch.

Inside the attic we placed an EVP digital recorder, two motion sensors and an infrared video camera. We hoped to be able to record any movement that may occur, whether or not we were in the room. On the table next to the ladder up to the attic, we placed 2 KII meters, which read variances in EMF fields and register the differences by a series of LED light outputs, along with an Ovilus and a Ghost Radar. These two items read local area EMF fields and look for variations in those fields. When they detect a variation, by using a proprietary algorithm, these changes in electromagnetic fields can be interpreted into words. These apps then speak the words. These words sometimes make sense, and can be a direct reply to a question asked, or sometimes they can be complete randomness and make no sense. They are always open to interpretation.

On this investigation we had the pleasure of having Michele's daughter, Caitlin, join us. She is from Washington State, where she is attending university. She has investigated with her mother in the past, as well as with WSPIR in the Seattle area.  She is also a studying sensitive. We welcomed Caitlin to her first investigation with us.

Caitlin was shown up to the 'kids room' first, so that she could gather her sensitive feelings and report them to us. We all remained downstairs. She returned to us after a short stay in the room and reported she definitely felt some presence. Next, Michele went up to the same room by herself, and remained in there, with the lights down, for about 10 minutes. When she emerged from the room, she came to the railing and leaned over to call out to us downstairs. She wanted all of us to come up there.

Upstairs we went, myself, Pete and Caitlin, to join Michele in the 'kids room'. During setup earlier, the Ghost Radar had given us the name, Jake. Michele had found that Jake was indeed, the person in the attic. Jake turned out to be a young boy of about 11 - 13 years old, as best we could tell. He also had his brother with him. The two of them had been playing in the attic and it was their fort. Many military words, such as General, Soldier, ack-ack, as well as others had been coming up on the Ovilus and Ghost Radar. So it would appear that these kids were playing army in the attic. 

The K-II meters were very active and seemed to be responding to Michele's questions directly. Video footage of some of those questions and answers will be added here shortly.

After about 20 minutes, we decided to move to the master bedroom, where Michele had had that initial 'bump' when doing her walk-thru. We turned on the light in the 'kids room' to gather some of the gear, and moved on to the master bedroom. We left the camera and motion sensors recording in the attic, the Ovilus on the table, and one KII meter.

As we entered the master bedroom, Michele got the feeling of a presence from the onset. We set up another infrared camera, one K-II meter and a Maglight. Maglights can be used by spirit energy to communicate by switching the flashlight off and on in response to questions. Michele began to immediately ask questions.

...to be continued...

Kids in the Attic...Part II

Very soon after Michele started asking questions, she explained to the spirit energy that the maglight could be turned off and on by using the lights battery power. She continued with questions. Very soon after this, the maglight went on. It came on strong and solid. Michele asked the spirit if he had turned the flashlight on. If so, could he turn it off to confirm that it was him? The light went off almost immediately. We had contact! It was exciting. A volley of questions came out trying to find out the spirit's name, gender, age, reason for being there, etc. We continued to ask questions for approximately 3/4 of an hour. Some video will be posted on our media tab showing this action.

When we left the master bedroom, quite satisfied with our results, we decided to go back to the kids room and begin to clean up our gear. Once in the hallway, I noticed that the kids room light was off, and the room was dark. I turned to the others and asked, "Didn't we leave that light on?" Everyone agreed that we had left the light on. We went back into the dark room as started up our KII meters again. Michele asked the boys if they had turned the lights off in the room. The KII meter went crazy. The lids were still messing with us. We had a laugh with them. Michele thanked them for their time and energy. She explained that there was a new owner to the house now and that they had to respect him and his guests as well.

We then all gathered and said our closing together thanking all from the other side for allowing us to visit and talk with them. The session ended peacefully and we gathered our gear and headed back downstairs.

Once downstairs, Michele had told us that we should investigate in the garage as well. She had gotten strong feelings about the garage. As I headed towards the garage, Michele, who was almost in the garage, turned around abruptly, threw er hands in the air and said, "Nope! He doesn't want women out there. Only men. Women are not welcome in the garage." So, the women moved back into the living room area and Pete, Brady (home owner) and myself went into the garage. We took with us a KII meter, Ovilus and an IR camera.

We set up on the workbench on the far side of the garage. The Ovilus got busy right away. We were able to determine the man's name was Walt. He was the energy in the garage. This name meant nothing to the owner, but I do have a favorite Uncle Walt that had passed some years ago. Was he here visiting me in Vegas? Who knows. We got a few questions through to Walt. Then I mentioned that it would be easier if we brought Michele out, as she is a sensitive and can talk more easily with Walt. I asked for his permission. Our meters immediately went dead and we had no further communication with Walt. Guess that answer is "NO"! We ended the session in the garage by thanking Walt, even though we were certain he had left.

Over all, it was a fruitful evening with some fun, childish pranks like lights being turned off when we weren't looking. There are apparently 2 young boys in the attic playing "fort" and having fun with the occupants of the house by turning lights on and off. A fatherly energy seems to reside in the master bedroom. We think he is the father of the boys in the attic. Michele felt they were all tied together, with one additional adult, in mountain motor bike riding and there was an accident. We'll check for EVP's to see if we can get any confirmation of these stories. Whatever we find, be sure to check back here on our Media page and see and hear the evidence for yourself.

If you would like us to investigate your home, please contact us and we'd be happy to do so. We can try and find out who's been living with you. Look on our Contact page for info. Thanks for reading.
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<![CDATA[Update 12/22/2012]]>Mon, 24 Dec 2012 04:43:54 GMThttp://desertvalleyparanormal.com/blog/update-12222012Picture
Happy Day After the Apocalypse! We all survived.  Just a quick update on our most recent investigation. We checked out Atomic Liquors on 12/10/12. It was an interesting evening. A few of the photos are already posted on our Media page. Check them out. While we had a lot of orbs in the pictures, we feel much of it was due to construction dust that was very prevalent. However, a few of these orbs, in the pics I'm referring to above, seem to be a bit more of legitimate orbs. They have the defining rings in them, and a few, some see the possibilities of a face. Considering all the past energies that have passed through these doors, it is no wonder we got a multitude of readings.

We did find a number of EMF fields very strong within the main building. We attribute this to the possibility of old, maybe unshielded wiring within these walls that have stood here since 1945. We approximate there to be 3 - 4 different EMF fields converging in the main bar area. After hours of being within this area, several of our group got dizzy, aggravated, nauseated and distressed. We attribute this to the converging EMF fields in the bar area.

The old garage next door had quite a bit of activity. This is where the original bar furniture is stored. We had our motion sensors going off shortly after we had done the setup and left for the other building. We did see a lot of solid orb activity in the little alleyway between the main building and the old garage.

While we were investigating in the main bar area, there were a couple of workmen that continued to work on renovations in the back storage area. This caused some strange activity at times, with the KII meters, as well as audio contamination for EVP recordings. We hope to return to do some further investigation when the workmen will not be there.

Over all, we felt that there was some definite intelligent spirit activity, but there was also a lot of residual spirit activity as well. Mostly, the residual activity had that "feeling" of "party"...which was people came here for originally, anyway. The intelligent activity seemed to be in the front area of the main building and possibly in the back area of the old garage, in what we refer to as the mirror room.

All the footage has been downloaded, including video and audio. It is all currently being reviewed. A complete report will be publish soon after it is sent to the new owners. We look forward to bringing you more of this event very soon.

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<![CDATA[Welcome!]]>Mon, 26 Nov 2012 07:09:52 GMThttp://desertvalleyparanormal.com/blog/welcomeWelcome to our new site. Our goal is to investigate and educate others on the realities, and the controversies  of the paranormal. Our findings will be published here. We look forward to your comments.]]>